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FIN 197: Financial Literacy 1: Financial Planning and the Time Value of Money (Videos) Return to Top

The Financial Planning Process (15:55)

Connecting Personal and Financial Goals (6:58)  

Setting and Meeting Financial Goals (15:03) 

Compounding versus Discounting (14:13)

Single Cash Flows on your Financial Calculator (16:26) 

The Role of Banks in the Economy

The Role of Banks in Personal Finance (12:59)

Setting a Personal Budget (12:41)

Inflation (18:30)

Tax Basics (6:44)

Personal Taxation (19:39)

Annuities on your Financial Calculator I (17:34)

Annuities on your Financial Calculator II (23:55)

Uneven Cash Flows on your Financial Calculator (15:45)

Non-Annual Cash Flows on your Financial Calculator (16:19)


FIN 198: Financial Literacy 2: Debt, Insurance, and Savings (Videos) Return to Top

Introduction to Credit (14:03)

Managing your Credit (9:36)

A Walk through the Home Buying Process (15:12)

What to Look for in Auto Insurance (12:51)

What are your Options in Health and Disability Insurance? (11:56)

Life Insurance: An Overview (9:46)

Calculating Savings for Retirement (15:35)


FIN 199: Financial Literacy 3: Personal Investing (Videos) Return to Top

Some Investment Basics (9:43)

Statistics Review I (9:14)

Statistics Review II (13:12)

Risk versus Return (20:28)

Stocks versus Bonds (8:50)

Diversification (13:15)

Ethical Investing (11:37)

Portfolio Theory (23:07)

Overview of Investment Strategies (19:28)


FIN 365: Business Finance (Narrated PowerPoint Slides) Return to Top

Topic 1 Introduction to Finance

Part I: Financial Markets and Financial Statements

Topic 2 Financial Markets and Institutions

Topic 3 Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes

Topic 4 Analysis of Financial Statements

Part II: Basic Financial Tools

Topic 5 Time Value of Money I: Single Cash Flows

Topic 6 Time Value of Money II: Cash Flow Streams

Topic 7 Time Value of Money III: Non-Annual Cash Flows, Interest Rates; Amortization

Topic 8 Interest Rates

Part III: The Risk-Return Trade-Off

Topic 9 Statistics Review

Topic 10 Risk and Rates of Return I

Topic 11 Risk and Rates of Return II

Topic 12 Risk and Rates of Return III

Part IV: Financial Valuation

Topic 13 Bonds and Their Valuation

Topic 14 Stocks and Their Valuation

Topic 15 Cost of Capital

Topic 16 Basics of Capital Budgeting

Topic 17 Cash Flow Estimation I

Topic 18 Cash Flow Estimation II


Corporate Finance Videos (Videos) Return to Top

The Financial Environment

Video 1: The Financial Environment (19:12) VideoSlides

Time Value of Money

Video 2: Compounding versus Discounting (15:07) VideoSlides

Video 3: Single Cash Flows (18:00) VideoSlides

Video 4: Perpetuities (9:32) VideoSlides

Video 5: Annuities I (19:59) VideoSlides

Video 6: Annuities II (24:30) VideoSlides

Video 7: Uneven Cash Flows (16:44) VideoSlides

Video 8: Non-Annual Cash Flows (17:05) VideoSlides

Video 9: Loan Amortization (11:58) VideoSlides

Video 10: Interest Rates (17:49) VideoSlides

The Risk versus Return and Portfolio Theory

Video 11: Statistical Calculations (31:51) VideoSlides

Video 12: Risk and Return (27:51) VideoSlides

Video 13: Diversification (36:35) VideoSlides

Video 14: Measuring Risk (14:05) VideoSlides

Video 15: Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) (16:47) VideoSlides

Video 16: The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) (14:56) VideoSlides

Video 17: The Fama-French Model (6:53) VideoSlides

Video 18: Behavioral Finance (17:58) VideoSlides

Bond Valuation

Video 19: Bond Characteristics (29:20) VideoSlides

Video 20: Bond Valuation and Yields (19:04) VideoSlides

Video 21: Interest Rates and Risk Premia (8:21) VideoSlides

Video 22: Term Structure, Junk Bonds and Bankruptcy (13:18) VideoSlides

Equity Valuation

Video 23: Equity Characteristics (11:45) VideoSlides

Video 24: Equity Valuation (30.54) VideoSlides

Video 25: Free Cash Flow Valuation and Market Multiple Analysis (18.27) VideoSlides

Video 26: Preferred Stock (13:35) VideoSlides

The Cost of Capital

Video 27: The Cost of Capital (10:41) VideoSlides

Video 28: The Cost of Debt (14:29) VideoSlides

Video 29: The Cost of Preferred Stock (3:15) VideoSlides

Video 30: The Cost of Common Stock (5:44) VideoSlides

Video 31: The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (20:49) VideoSlides

Capital Budgeting

Video 32: Capital Budgeting: Overview (8:39) VideoSlides

Video 33: Net Present Value (NPV) (10:30) VideoSlides

Video 34: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) (18:37) VideoSlides

Video 35: Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) (11:17) VideoSlides

Video 36: Profitability Index (PI) and Payback Period (17:11) VideoSlides

Video 37: Other Issues (14:30) VideoSlides

Cash Flow Analysis

Video 38: Relevant Cash Flows (11:31) VideoSlides

Video 39: Cash Flow Analysis (25:55) VideoSlides

Video 40: Capital Budgeting Example (15:27) VideoSlides

Video 41: Sensitivity Analysis (20:19) VideoSlides

Video 42: Scenario Analysis (5:45) VideoSlides

Video 43: Monte Carlo Simulation (14:36) VideoSlides

Video 44: Real Options I (15:03) VideoSlides

Video 45: Real Options II (14:53) VideoSlides

Shareholder Distributions

Video 46: Dividends Characteristics (9:51) VideoSlides

Video 47: Dividend Policies (30:16) VideoSlides

(Note: I apologize that this video has excessive background noise that I was unable to remove in editing.)

Video 48: Dividend versus Share Repurchases (8:22) VideoSlides

Video 49: Stock Splits, Stock Dividends, and Dividend (9:13) VideoSlides


TI 83/84 Plus Calculator Instructions (Videos) Return to Top

The following videos show how to use the financial functions on the TI 83/84 Plus (and similar) graphing calculators:

Time Value of Money

Single Cash Flows (18:00) VideoSlides

Perpetuities (9:32) VideoSlides

Annuities I (19:59) VideoSlides

Annuities II (24:30) VideoSlides

Uneven Cash Flows (16:44) VideoSlides

Non-Annual Cash Flows (17:05) VideoSlides

Interest Rates (17:49) VideoSlides

 Bond Valuation

Bond Valuation and Yields (19:04) VideoSlides

 Capital Budgeting

Net Present Value (NPV) (10:30) VideoSlides

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) (18:37) VideoSlides