FIN 422: Student Managed Investment Fund

Larry Schrenk, Instructor

Equity Reports



         CFA Institute

CFA Equity Report Guidelines

CFA Institute Research Challenge

Documents from the CFA Challenge (May require free registration.)

User's Guide, Morningstar Investment Research Center

(WSU has a Morningstar Investment Research Center subscription through the library.)

Standard & Poor’s Equity Research Methodology

Reading a Value Line Research Report

(WSU does not have a Value Line subscription.)

Finding Analyst Reports on LexisNexis Academic

(WSU has a LexisNexis subscription through the library.)

What’s in an Equity Research Report? (Mergers and Inquisitions)

Equity Research Report Writing (WallStreetMojo)



Investment Analysis Report Example (Morningstar)

Sample Morningstar Equity Research Reports

GameStop Corp Class A GME (Morningstar)

International Business Machines Corp IBM (Morningstar)

Sample Reports (Financial AnalysisCS™)

Apple (S&P Capital IQ)