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NOTE: This software is frequently updated, so some of the information below may reflect earlier verions.

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WSU Capital IQ Access Top

How to Get Access: TBA

Login Page: https://www.capitaliq.com

Office (Excel) Plug-In Download: Capital IQ Dashboard > My Capial IQ (red button) > Downloads


The Office (Excel) Plug-In does not work on Macs unless you have a Windows partition.

Having the Office (Excel) Plug-In installed significantly increases the time it takes Excel to load, so you may not want to keep it installed unless you are using it regularly.


WSU Quick Video Tutorials Top

I developed these videos for use at Winona State. Each is a quick introduction to an aspect or function of Capital IQ. If you want to use this software in a serious way, there are more resources below, but these short videos should get you started.

Introduction and Overview (mp4, 5:57)

Firm Data and Analysis (mp4, 10:41)

Charting (mp4, 5:42)

Screening (mp4, 15:06)

Excel Plug-in (mp4, 14:28)

Excel Plug-in Templates (mp4, 14:09)

Downloading Financial (and Other) Data (mp4, 16:59)

Peer Group Construction (mp4, 14:38)

Analysts and Estimates (coming)

Company News and Developments (coming)

Industry Analysis (coming)

Portfolio Analysis (coming)

Exploring the Details: Where'd They Get That Number? (Sources and Calculations) (coming)


Quick Start Info Top

Quick Start Quide 1 (pdf)

Quick Start Quide 2 (pdf)


Documentation Top


Excel Plug-In Manual (pdf)

Excel Plug-In Template Guide (pdf)

How to Extract Original Financial Statements Out of Capital IQ (pdf)

Guide to S&P Capital IQ Stock Reports (pdf)


Quick Reference ('Cheat Sheets')

Quick Intelligence (pdf)

Company Intelligence (pdf)

Searching Short Cuts (pdf)

Excel Plug-In (pdf)

Excel Plug-In Shortcuts (pdf)

Screening (pdf)

Screening Visualization Tool (pdf)


Capital IQ Help Resources (Login Required) Top

Capital IQ has a Help Page that includes the following categories:

NOTE: Under Training Webinars > S&P Capital IQ Platform Webinars > S&P Capital IQ - Refreshers & General Training, I recommend the (On Demand) January Refresher Series: Company Intelligence, Comparables, and Excel.

Definitions: Definitions/descriptions of the line items, e.g., gross profit, net income, etc., and their calculation can be found in the Financials Glossary.


Video Tutorials Top


Introduction to S&P Capital IQ (YouTube, 6:33)

Capital IQ Introduction (YouTube, 13:33)


Excel Plugin

Install Capital IQ Plug-In for Excel (YouTube, 5:34)

Detailed Comps Template [Ratios] in CIQ  (YouTube, 12:23)

Capital IQ has an excellent on-demand training webinar, "January Refresher Series: Excel (On-Demand)". Link (login required)



Using the Screening Tool (YouTube, 1:51)

How to Screen (YouTube, 4:26)

Stock Screening (YouTube, 12:00)

Screening for People (YouTube, 3:33)

Identifying Comparable Companies for Valuation (YouTube, 12:58)



Charting Basics (YouTube, 1:51)

Sector Charting (YouTube, 2:46)


Financial Statements

Financial Statement and Stock Price Downloads (YouTube, 6:05)

Company and Transaction Comparable Analysis (YouTube, 3:47)

Identifying Comparable Companies for Valuation (YouTube, 12:58)


Portfolio Analysis

Intro to Using the Portfolio Analysis Tool (YouTube, 7:20)



Mergers and Acquisitions Data (M&A) (YouTube, 4:57)

M&A Trends and Analysis (YouTube, 1:57)

Event Study Using Excel and Capital IQ (YouTube, 25:35)

Credit Analytics (YouTube, 3:12)

Capital IQ Shortcuts (YouTube, 1:15)



Updated: 10/2020