Lawrence P. Schrenk

Assistant Professor of Finance

Department of Finance, School of Business

    Winona State University

    4175 West Mark Street

    Winona, MN 55987

Telephone: 507-457-2388   E-Mail    Home Page

Areas of Interest:

Research: Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation, Capital Budgeting, Real Options, Financial Ethics and Machine Learning

Teaching: Corporate Finance, Investments, and Financial Engineering (Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, Risk Management, Financial Modeling) Online and Classroom Teaching of Finance including Corporate Finance, Personal Finance and Financial Literacy, Private Wealth Management, Investments, International Finance, Financial Engineering (Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, Risk Management, Financial Modeling)


Assistant Professor of Finance, College of Business, Winona State University, 2016-

Assistant Professor of Finance, Robert P.  Kogod School of Business, American University, 2008-2016

Assistant Professor of Finance, Robert G. Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore, 2001-2008

Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance, Mobert G. Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore, 2000-2001


B. A., University of Michigan, 1980

M. B. A./M. S. (Finance), Robert H. Smith School of Business University of Maryland, College Park, 1995

Ph. D., Finance, Robert H. Smith  School of Business University of Maryland, College Park, 2001

Academic Publications:

Lawrence P. Schrenk. ‘Equator Principles’, ‘Market for Corporate Control’, ‘Usury’, ‘Longevity Risk’, ‘Leverage’, ‘Commercial and Investment Banks’ and ‘Hedge Fund Activism”. In Robert Kolb, ed. The Sage Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society. 2nd ed. Sage, forthcoming.

Lawrence P. Schrenk. “Option versus Equity Compensation: The Effect of Investment Policy, Dividends and Bankruptcy.” Journal of Business, Economics & Finance 1.4 (2012): 5-18.

Lawrence P. Schrenk. “Executive Compensation and Macroeconomic Factors: Interest Rates and Corporate Taxation.” Global Journal of Business Research 2.1 (2008): 125-135.

Lawrence P. Schrenk. “Executive Compensation: A Multi-Tasking Model.” Corporate Board: Role, Duties & Composition 3.3 (2007): 23-32.

Lawrence P. Schrenk. “Equityholder versus Stakeholder and Corporate Governance: Developing a Market for Morality.” The Business Renaissance Quarterly 1.3 (Fall/Winter 2006): 81-90.

Book Reviews:

Lawrence P. Schrenk. “Holman, ed. Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and SocietyJournal of Markets and Morality 12.1 (2009): 176-177.


Lawrence P. Schrenk. “People Make Mistakes…Except in Economics, Of Course!” (UB Viewpoint) Daily Record (Maryland’s Business and Legal News)  Fall 2004.

Lawrence P. Schrenk. “CEO Compensation….How, Not How Much!” (UB Viewpoint) Daily Record (Maryland’s Business and Legal News) Friday, 12 March 2004.

Conference Presentations:

Facilitator, “Online Practices for Quantitative Courses,” Ann Ferren Conference on Teaching, Research and Learning, 2013.

Comment on Moon-Whoan Rhee and Minho Shin, “Unanimity with Side-Payment and the Role of Management,” 2002.

Comment on George M. Jabour, “Non-Normal Share Returns: Empirical Observations and Implications for Option Pricing.” 2002.

Comment on Joseph Kang, Baochen Yang, and Andrew H. Chen, “Conversion-Factor Bias and Convexity-Based Hedges Using Treasury Futures: A Model and Numerical Analysis.” 2002.

Papers under Submission:

“Price Dispersion: A Real Options Approach”


“Incentives are Not Just Power Relationships”

“Supererogation and the Corporation”

“Employee Ownership: A Financial Caveat”

“Investing in Evil: When (If Ever) is it Morally Acceptable to Invest in Firms that Violate Moral Principles”

Grants and Awards:

Online Course Development Grant, Provost’s Office, American University, 2012     

Online Course Development Grant, Kogod School of Business, American University, 2009     

Faculty Grant, Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore, 2004-2007

Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics Research Award, University of Baltimore, 2002-2003

Teaching Experience and Tools:

    Traditional Classroom


Introductory Finance, Financial Concepts/Applications*, Personal Finance*, Financial Literacy*, Introductory Economics, Financial Management*, Private Wealth Management*, Intermediate Corporate Finance*, Investments*, International Finance*, Financial Markets and Institutions*, Security Analysis and Valuation, Risk Management*, Derivative Securities*, and Macro- and Microeconomics 


Introductory Finance*, Financial Management*, Investments, Financial Modeling*, Derivative Securities*, Risk Management*, Fixed-Income Securities*, and Macro- and Microeconomics



Introductory Finance*, Personal Finance*, Financial Literacy*, Investments, Financial Markets and Institutions*, Macro- and Microeconomics


Introductory Finance*, Financial Management, Investments*, and Macro- and Microeconomics

*Course Designer

Online Videos

I have developed over 85 online videos with a total length of about 35 hours, for example, FIN 614: Financial Management Course Videos (

Pedagogical Tools

Financial Calculator Guide, 28 pp. (2010)

A Guide to the Financial Applications on the TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator, 48 pp. (2012)

Podcasts ("FinanceBasics")

 ‘Introduction’, ‘Diversification’, ‘What is Risk?’, ‘Time Value of Money’, ‘Simple versus Compound Interest’, ‘Opportunity Costs’

(available in iTunes)

Green Teaching

 My courses have been certified as ‘green teaching’, since the inception of the program at American University in 2008.

Professional Experience:

Press Reader, Oxford University Press, 2015

Session Organizer (“Return Volatility”), Eastern Finance Association Meeting, 2013

Referee, International Journal of Business and Finance Management Research, 2013

Press Reader, John Wiley and Sons, 2012

Referee, Economic Bulletin, 2009

Referee, Eastern Finance Association Meeting, 2009

Referee, Sports Finance, 2008

Press Reader, Flat World Knowledge, 2009

Press Reader, Pearson Addison-Wesley, 2009

Press Reader, Southwestern Press, 2008

Press Reader, Prentice-Hall, 2004

Press Reader, Southwestern Press, 2001

Press Reader, John Wiley and Sons, 1999

Consulting Experience:

Monsanto Company, St. Louis, Missouri, 1998-1999

          Strategic planning using real option analysis in international agriculture and biotechnology

Hagler-Bailly Consulting, Alexandria, Virginia, 1997-1998   

          Valuation of real options in energy          

Letters of Recommendation and Teaching Evaluations:

Available upon Request